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The HALO® BioClass Fused-Core® column line is designed to help you with all of your UHPLC/HPLC bioseparations including:

• Intact proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), biosimilars, and other large biomolecules such as pegylated proteins, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), etc.
• Peptide mapping (analysis of enzyme digests) for characterization and monitoring of synthetic protein drugs
• Analysis of therapeutic peptides and peptide biomarkers (protein surrogates)
• High resolution separations of complex mixtures of glycans released from N- and O-linked glycoproteins

Choose from 3 powerful tools to create the most efficient bioseparation:

HALO Protein
• Narrow peaks and high recovery for mAbs and proteins up to 500 kDa
• 400 Å pore size and thin 0.2 μm porous shell allows fast mass transfer for large biomolecules via UHPLC/HPLC
• C4 and ES-C18 phases offer excellent stability up to 90 °C at low pH

HALO Peptide
• Ideal for ultra-fast peptide separations and ultra-high peak capacity peptide mapping
• 160 Å pore size selected for optimum retention and mass transfer (MWs < 20 kDa)
• ES-C18 and ES-CN phases ensure stable, reproducible UHPLC/HPLC separations up to 90 °C at low pH

HALO Glycan
• High resolution UHPLC/HPLC HILIC separations of N- and O-linked glycans and glycopeptides
• Readily separates isobaric glycans with different glycosyl linkages
• Orthogonal retention and selectivity to HALO Peptide ES-C18 for polar peptides

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SHOP HALO® BioClass Columns