ACE Excel’s Ultimate Selectivity Lineup: SuperC18, C18-Amide, C18-PFP

Not sure of your sample composition? Bring the power of the ACE Excel SuperC18, C18-Amide, and C18-PFP together to achieve maximum selectivity for a broad range of analyte polarities. You can also extend your pH range by utilizing the Encapsulated Bonding Technology of the SuperC18 up to pH 11.5. By switching between these phases while using the same mobile phase, you can significantly adjust selectivity to reduce method development time and cost while achieving results you can trust.

The Intermediate Polarity Power 3: SuperC18, C18-AR, C18-PFP

Separate your intermediate polarity analytes with the Power of 3. Collectively, the ACE Excel SuperC18, C18-AR, and C18-PFP provide the selectivity you need to separate moderately polar to non-polar analytes. You can achieve better resolution of peak pairs with a powerful array of separation mechanisms. In fact, we guarantee that no single analyte will elute at the same time with the same mobile phase on these 3 columns.

Watch the Moderate Polarity Power of 3 Video.

The Polar Power of 3: C18-PFP, C18-Amide, CN-ES

Watch the "Advancing Selectivity With Polar Power of 3 Video"

The ACE Excel C18-PFP, C18-Amide, and CN-ES columns are ideal for improved retention and alternate selectivity for the analysis of highly polar analytes. These unique phases offer a powerful array of separation mechanisms, including hydrophobic, pi-pi, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding, and steric interactions.


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