New Improvements in the Avantor® ACE® Column Family and a New Look

Avantor Sciences has upgraded hardware for the Avantor ACE columns from the legacy modular hardware to a new, more rugged hardware. These changes have improved column packing procedures and quality and have resulted in an overall improved product. Such changes do not impact the packing materials within the column and will continue to be made using the same, ultra-high purity silica. The part numbers for these Avantor ACE columns will not change, and the expected performance is the same. All columns will continue to be manufactured in Avantor’s ISO 9001-certified production facility in Reading, U.K. using the same procedures.

As part of these improvements, you will notice that the end fittings on the new hardware are different than the legacy modular hardware, which had a removable inlet fitting. The new hardware is not compatible with the integral guard cartridge system that used part numbers H0004 or H0005 guard holders (which are now discontinued), and the column end fittings for the new hardware should never be removed. Columns and guard cartridges should now be used with the stand-alone guard holder, H0001, and the coupler, C0001, which many customers have used previously with the modular hardware.

If you have any questions regarding the change in column hardware or would like to replace your integral guard holder with a stand-alone holder, please contact MAC-MOD Analytical by phone at 800-441-7508 or by email at

New Column Box for All Avantor ACE and ACE Excel Columns

Avantor Sciences has also introduced a new column box with a new color scheme this year for all the Avantor ACE and ACE Excel columns. Look for the brand new boxes in your current and future orders.

Avantor ACE column