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Avantor® Hichrom C8, C18 and RPB HPLC Columns:  These columns offer high performance in order to tackle the most challenging reversed-phase applications. The use of ultra-pure silica, advanced bonding technology, superior column specifications and comprehensive batch validation all contribute to the columns’ excellent reproducibility. They are suitable for acidic, basic and neutral molecules and available in 3.5 and 5 μm particle sizes. Guard cartridges are available for column dimensions, to further extend column lifetime by preventing irreversible adsorption and frit blockage at the top of the column. Note: Use with freestanding holder HI-161 and column coupler HI-081.

Avantor® Hichrom PAH2: These columns are based on an alkyl bonded silica material with a high carbon loading, designed specifically for the analysis of poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), these columns are optimized for EPA method 610 and provides excellent separation of 16 PAHs.

Avantor® Hichrom Chiral: These columns are designed for the analysis of a wide range of enantiomers of pharmaceutical and agrochemical origin.This column contains a chiral dinitrophenyltartramide moiety bonded to the silica surface through a propyl spacer group. The bonded phase is based on the Pirkle-type chiral phases. They provide high efficiency and unique covalent bonding and also provide inversion of the standard enantiomer order elution. When the bonded phase is substituted of L-Phenylglycine for D-Phenylglycine, the order of elution of the chiral peaks can be reversed. Note: This can be useful in assigning peak identity or ensuring prior elution of the minor enantiomer, thus allowing its more accurate determination.

Eprogen:  Suitable for the separation of proteins, peptides and other pharmaceutically relevant compounds, ideal for preparative formats.

Exsil:  Useful alternative to the classical spherical HPLC silicas, whereas Exsil spherical porous silicas are available in 80 Å and 100 Å pore sizes, the Exsil™ 100 which is the standard material, is supplied in a range of particle sizes and bonded phases to cover a wide range of applications. The Exsil 80 is a higher surface area material, available in a complementary range of materials with excellent high efficiency that comes with every Hichrom packed column.

ZORBAX®: Spherical particles that are manufactured from small extremely uniform colloidal silica micro-beads, which are agglutinated via a DuPont® patented organic polymerization process. The organic polymer is removed by a controlled sintering process to yield mechanically stable silica particles.