• The closed safety system of MAC-MOD Safety Waste Caps ensures that the vapors from your mobile phase waste mixtures stay in a closed waste container and do not enter the laboratory breathable air.
  • There are a multitude of accessories available to ensure that the solvent waste from your LC system is contained and directed to the correct waste receptacle.
  • MAC-MOD Safety Waste Caps are the only ones that are designed specifically to capture harmful evaporating waste solvents.
  • Surface area of activated carbon filter is 1200 m2/g to ensure that you do not breathe in harmful and toxic waste solvent vapors
  • MAC-MOD waste caps are available in every waste container size to fit your waste enclosure needs.
SCAT waste solvent caps
Figure 1 How SCAT Waste Solvent Caps Are Designed and Function:
Properties of Activated Carbon Used in SCAT Traps
Figure 2 Properties of Activated Carbon Used in SCAT Traps:
MAC-MOD Safety WasteCaps chart
Figure 3 MAC-MOD Safety WasteCaps – One system for every thread:
The fluids in the waste containers in the laboratory are overwhelmingly poisonous – the user often does not know which mixture can emerge in the canisters. Closed safety systems offer reassuring protection and also guarantee efficient work in the laboratory.