Presenter: Alan McKeown, Business Development Director, Advanced Chromatography Technologies


Since its introduction, UHPLC has become a well-established technique for increasing productivity, establishing high-throughput analyses and accelerating method development. This seminar aims to move beyond the basic concepts of UHPLC and look at some of the practical aspects that help chromatographers realize the advantages of the technique. The seminar begins with a brief review of why UHPLC is helpful along with UHPLC specific practical hints and tips. Other topics include how to utilize selectivity during UHPLC method development to achieve better separations and column screening approaches to streamline workflows including calculations of time saved. The potential of UHPLC to provide exceptionally high-resolution separations by coupling multiple UHPLC columns to deliver peak capacities unusual in liquid chromatography is examined and how this can be helpful for complex samples containing dozens or hundreds of peaks. Other practical topics include a summary of method translation from HPLC to UHPLC and vice versa and the successful quantitative transfer of UHPLC methods between different vendor instruments without any loss in performance.

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