Anyone In Their Right Mind Wouldn’t Drink Acetonitrile*

So, Why Do You Breathe It In Every Day?

Acute or chronic exposure to common lab solvents can result in central nervous disorders.1 How protected do you think you are?

Many HPLC and UHPLC labs today rely on makeshift enclosures leaving mobile phase and waste reservoirs open to evaporation. These shortcuts and a lack of attention to this danger expose lab staff to toxic chemical fumes, often Category 1 Toxic solvents, leading to accidents, injuries, illnesses, and even death.2

Mobile Phase caps without filter check valve can allow mobile phase to evaporate into the lab

safety caps after

All solvent bottles are hermetically sealed by SafetyCaps with one-way check valves to eliminate solvent evaporation

The common practice of cutting tubing from LC waste allows for solvent to evaporate

All waste lines combine into the Hydra for a sealed solution to prevent solvent evaporation

Insufficient seals do not prevent solvent evaporation into the breathable air

Our closed HPLC waste system with carbon filter releases only clean air into the lab

Our SafetyCaps:

Help prevent solvent vapors from bottles entering the laboratory environment

Significantly reduce exposure to organic vapors

Help prevent particulates and laboratory air impurities from contaminating solvents

Ensure reproducible analytical results

Fit every brand and model of chromatographic HPLC and UHPLC system

Labs will also cut the waste tubing to run solvent waste lines to the waste container. This practice allows Category 1 Toxic solvents to evaporate into the lab that chemists breathe in daily.

Our Tubing Solutions

Multi-tubing adapter allows all waste lines to drain into the waste container without the need for cutting tubing

Sealed connections prevent the evaporation of category 1 toxic chemicals from evaporating into the lab

Less tubing running to the floor clears tripping hazards and creates a cleaner workspace

*For Illustrative Purposes Only. Do Not Drink Dangerous Chemicals

1Environmental Protection Agency. (n.d.). Health Effects Notebook for Hazardous Air Pollutants. EPA. Retrieved from 2Ménard, A.D., Trant, J.F. A review and critique of academic lab safety research. Nat. Chem. 12, 17–25 (2020).

Our Justrite® Waste Container Solution

Prevents the evaporation of toxic solvents into the lab space

Every tube coming from the HPLC or UHPLC waste feeds directly into the waste adapter, which flows directly into the waste container

Minimizes spills in the lab by providing a completely closed system that reduces the risk of overflowing

Justrite is a registered trademark of Justrite Manufacturing Co., L.L.C.

Complete LC System Solution

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Talk to MAC-MOD’s LC Safety Specialist:

Edward Faden


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Talk to MAC-MOD’s LC Safety Specialist:

Edward Faden


phone: 484-542-0379

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